Frequently Asked Questions

Most disinfectants use chemicals to kill germs, but the bacteria can re-infect the area within minutes. InvisiGarde® products use Tri-Quat® technology which creates a protective shield, providing residual action against germs for 24 hours, 7 or 28 days*, depending on which product you’re using.

InvisiGarde® Hospital Grade Disinfectant Spray & Surface Shield, kills COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). Then provides up to 28 days of residual action against bacteria on low contact hard services.

InvisiGarde® products are available online via our website or contact Kevan, our National Sales Manager, for more information.

Tri-Quat® technology works microscopically, and it is too small to see or feel. If used as directed, you shouldn’t feel or see any difference to the surface.

Rather than using alcohol, which is harsh on the hands, InvisiGarde® Foaming Hand Sanitiser uses Tri-Quat ® technology to create a protective shield for up to 24 hours* and kills germs by using an electrostatic charge to breakdown the membrane without using harsh chemicals.

Yes, InvisiGarde® provides a range of products that can replace many disinfectants you are currently using. They can be used independently or together as a range to help protect you, your family, staff, and customers.

We’re proud to be an Australian owned company, manufacturing our products right here in Australia, working together to protect Australian’s against germs.

* Provides residual action against bacteria. Foaming Hand Sanitiser: up to 24 hours on hands, Anti-Bacterial Cleaner: up to 7 days and Hospital Grade Disinfectant: up to 28 days on low contact hard surfaces.

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