Your Germ Shield

What's Protecting You?

InvisiGarde® range of products uses advanced Tri-Quat® technology to kill germs and help protect you from bacteria, germs and COVID-19.

How InvisiGarde® Works?

Hospital Grade Disinfectant & Surface Shield

Kills 99.99% of germs and COVID-19, and provides 28 day residual activity against bacteria.

Anti-Bacterial Cleaner & Surface Shield

Kills 99.99% of germs and provides 7 day residual activity against bacteria.

Foaming Hand Sanitiser & Shield

Alcohol-Free with Aloe Vera and provides 24 hours residual activity against bacteria.

Our Specials!

Your Shield Bundle

Normally $33.80
Now $27.04
Save $6.76

Family Shield Bundle

Normally $79.55
Now $63.64
Save $15.91

Mega Pack

Normally $143.20
Now $114.56
Save $28.64

More Products by Rubbedin

Magic Anti-Bacterial Washing Machine Deep CleanerTM

Magic Anti-Bacterial Washing Machine Deep Cleaner™ kills 99.9% of bacteria (E.coli, S.aureus) and flushes out built-up detergent scum, lint and calcium deposits, resulting in a clean-smelling tutti frutti fragrant washing machine.

Magic Spa Bath CleanerTM

Magic Spa Bath Cleaner™ breaks down and removes deposits of oily grime, microorganisms, dead skin, body fats, hair, organic matter and biological waste from the pump system.

Firewise Soot-Loose®

Firewise® Soot-Loose Chimney & Flue Cleaner makes cleaning your chimney or flue easy. Soot-Loose is the Original Australian Chimney and Flue Cleaner, used and trusted in homes for over 40 years.

Customers Reviews

I was using the alcohol-based sanitisers and hated the sting (often only realising that I had a small cut once the pain started - ouch), so I was looking for a product that was able to sanitise without the sting. I came across this product and was surprised that it’s so effective, I don’t have to fear the sting and I only need to apply a few times a day for round-the-clock protection. Plus I love the lemony scent, no longer do I have to get that strong alcohol whiff that reminds me of that time in my 20s when I drank too much!
Foaming Hand Sanitiser - Chaz
I love your hand sanitiser. My daughter suffers from eczema and has had a lot of trouble with her hands while using the alcohol hand sanitisers. Now she can take her own small pump pack with her to her work and not use others. Her hands are no longer cracked and sore. Thank you so much.
Foaming Hand Sanitiser - Brenda
Finally, an Australian-owned and made cleaner that I can use in my café between customers. The mild fragrance is not overpowering, which could put you off your food. I can now both clean the greasy mess on tables and counters while killing germs, and I really like that it kills germs for up to 7 days.
Anti-Bacterial Cleaner & Surface Shield - Ken
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